Informed Consent

Ensuring that contributors are able to give informed consent is an important part of contributor care, however it is a challenging process. It is very difficult to attempt to explain how life can change post transmission for those who have no experience of being in the public eye, especially when dealing with contributors who are desperate to participate in the production. Furthermore, production companies need to provide enough information to ensure that the contributor is aware of what they are consenting to, which may be difficult for productions which require an element of secrecy in order to create compelling content.

Through speaking with the production team and fully establishing the what the production entails, I will be able to help create a document of informed consent. Further, through conversations with the contributors, I can ensure that they are fully aware of what they are consenting to and advise them of the potential ramifications of appearing in the production for them and their families.

This is generally a bespoke process and is dependent on the nature of the production and the client groups which are participating.

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