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It is without question that the significant behavioural changes which have been expected of our employees recently will have had an impact on the psychological wellbeing, mental health and attitudes towards work amongst the workforce. 

By encouraging open and honest communication amongst teams regarding their thoughts, fears and anxieties regarding working from home, returning to work and the situation in general, it ensures that your employees feel supported with these behavioural expectations which are being placed upon them.

Ensuring that employers provide as much support to employees throughout this time will result in a more content, loyal and productive team. These workshops can help teams to function healthier and can build cohesion within teams also.

To book in for an Employee Wellbeing Session or to find out more, please email charlotte@charlottearmitage.co.uk and complete the following form:

Employee Wellbeing Groups
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“It was a pleasure working with Charlotte recently to support the Wellbeing of employees at STV.   Charlotte and I met virtually over Zoom and immediately I felt that she could be of support to our Mental Health Awareness programme for 2020.  Charlotte delivered an online zoom session to our employees focusing on the impacts of lockdown and how this was affecting mental wellbeing.  Charlotte facilitated a discussion and ensured that every voice was heard.  Through her down to earth approach and focused, concise, clear advice our employees opened up in a way I have not seen before at work.  Charlotte is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in her field and has a lovely personality which makes her extremely easy to talk to and work with.  Thanks again Charlotte for a great session.”

Lorna Miller

HR Business Partner, STV.

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