Clinical Psychotherapy

Through private practice, which I conduct at my London or Leeds practices, or online, I work with a variety of presentations and diagnoses. My clinical stance is that labels are helpful in some contexts, however they are not always useful and it most helpful to focus on what you are experiencing and why you might be feeling or struggling with the difficulties that you are. Through our work together, I aim to help you to understand the root causes of your distress and to process the emotions associated with this, if I feel that this depth of work is safe.

I work in the cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic and humanistic modalities, and I use these models integratively where appropriate. The modality that is used will be dependent on the presenting issue and on the individual’s capacity and willingness to work in a certain modality.

Areas of clinical practice:

If you are interested in discussing psychotherapeutic input, we will have an initial assessment to assess your suitability for psychotherapy. If I feel that I am able to offer an intervention which will help you, we can discuss and agree a way forward, this will include agreeing on a number of sessions, the time and location of these sessions. If I don’t think that I can offer input which will be of help, I will signpost you to relevant services.

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