“I have known and worked with Charlotte for some years, and have seen her grow the business of YAFTA with admiration. She is a committed, industrious and creative individual with good people skills, and has built a good business which helps and inspires lots of people.

The specifically designed syllabus at YAFTA which covers training on all industry aspects ensures that YAFTA produces well rounded performers who are not only skilled at their craft but also knowledgable about the realities of working in the industry. I’ve been really impressed by the standards and attitudes of students who have gone through the YAFTA training programme.

As a professional working in the industry, YAFTA is a brilliant resource for finding new talent, and this is primarily down to Charlotte’s work there”.

Ian Bevitt

Director of Coronation Street and Emmerdale


“Charlotte has been a godsend! Her insightful articles addressing our actor’s problems manage to get to the core of the issue and provide clear and practical advice to help actors address anxiety and depression. A great source of support and advice. We hope to work with her for a long time to come”.




“As an entrepreneur, Charlotte is able to bring her considerable expertise and knowledge to our readers via her regular columns. She is able to communicate often complex and nuanced issues in clear yet informative terms. She covers a wide range of subject matters and her writing is engaging and energetic”.

Mark Casci

Business Editor Yorkshire Post


“I took part in a very informative and educational session with Charlotte today on the need for psychological assessments and their importance in today’s emotionally charged media world. It was an eye-opening session exploring aspects of the production cycle that I’d not even considered previously. Being presented this information by not only someone who currently works in the industry in this field, but by someone who has an active role in helping set guidelines and policies on the role of psychologists within the production world was an invaluable learning resource. I’ll be looking to put what I’ve learned into practice in any future productions I am involved in.”

Simon O’Riordan



“Charlotte is honestly fantastic to talk to, I felt very comfortable opening up to her. Her way of understanding and listening makes me feel very at ease when discussing things with her. She also explains to you what she thinks could be the issue and ways to handle it and face it. She’s very encouraging and supporting too! So helpful.”



“Charlotte has always been able to put my mind at ease, always giving practical, understanding and well thought out advice. Knowing that there’s someone there to talk to, who will understand and help you will put anyone’s mind at ease.”

Jessica Whitley



“It was a pleasure working with Charlotte recently to support the Wellbeing of employees at STV.   Charlotte and I met virtually over Zoom and immediately I felt that she could be of support to our Mental Health Awareness programme for 2020.  Charlotte delivered an online zoom session to our employees focusing on the impacts of lockdown and how this was affecting mental wellbeing.  Charlotte facilitated a discussion and ensured that every voice was heard.  Through her down to earth approach and focused, concise, clear advice our employees opened up in a way I have not seen before at work.  Charlotte is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in her field and has a lovely personality which makes her extremely easy to talk to and work with.  Thanks again Charlotte for a great session.”

Lorna Miller

HR Business Partner, STV.

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